Cracked Screen, Damaged Charging port

Replacing your cracked screen on your laptop will get you back to work; and this is sometimes we do very often.

Charging Port Damage replacement is needed if your computer is not getting power, or battery is not charging properly.

We do any hardware replacement in general; just give us a call or visit us in order to start.

Usually we take 24 hours for any hardware replacement only if we have the required part in stock.

Sometimes we need to order that specific part and wait for it.  If your computer still working you can keep your laptop if you need it meanwhile we get the part around here.

Remove/Block Malicious Content

As the technology grows, unauthorized access/hacking increases on your computer or mobile device.

Before we knew about computer viruses, but today we are basically exposed to unsolicited ads (adware), data/information theft (spyware) compromising your identity or personal  information like SSN or bank accounts numbers, or any pop-up screen that makes your computer crashes; on other cases people get fake calls or messages  pretending to be IT-Support from famous companies. 

You will never provide any personal information by phone or by email if you are not sure that is coming from a reliable source.

We can get cleaned your computer and we can install a good antivirus/anti-spyware as well so you will be protected for now on.

About our Diagnostic

Before to start any actually repair, we want to test your whole system to verify if after the repair your computer will perform as expected. 

Sometimes our customer need their device ASAP and we have no time to complete the diagnostic, in that case we are not responsible to any other issues beside the repair we actually performed.

Diagnostic cost $ 40.00 for computers, or $ 60.00 for Liquid Spill Issues.


We appreciate you doing business with us and offer a 30 days warranty on any job we perform for you. On special situations the warranty go up to 60 day. For some specific hardware like hard disk drive or screen we provide the same warranty that our seller give us. Some Seller offer up to 2 years of warranty on some specific parts.

We cover free labor during the first 30/60 days.  If your computer get damaged after the warranty we will find a good deal for you. We can reduce our labor cost; and get you another part.

If you have a question about warranty, please drop us a line at at and we would be in-touch.